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The rise of Feudalsim happened because the Roman Empire fell by Economic Problems, Weakening Frontiers and Political Instability. Feudalism started halfway through Rome time period the Roman catholic church played a large rule during the fedalism time. All the people gave up their freedom for protection because they would not have lived with the protection from the knights. Feudalism started when Rome fell and the people were under unending raids by surrounding empires and they were in desperate need for protection.

What is

Feudalism- is a system of goverment based on land ownership/control that bound people to another by promises of loyalty. People were born into a feudal class and couldnt chang classes.

How it Affected Modern Life

Feudalims affected modern life by tipping the skills of the Roman Empire they ended part of their cherade and started a knew one.

This video over it shows you that the knights that protected people never gave up and had much determination!!!!(its bloody)